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Welcome to Autumn Geisha, an MP3 rotation site. I just have some simple rules/request.

Here I will upload different types of music, not just Jrock/Jpop, not only do I have a lot of Japanese, but Chinese, Korean, etc. artist as well. I will upload a select bit of American/English, Russian, Spanish, French, and the list goes on. As you can see I am very open with my selection in music.

I have a list of my MP3s here. You can look over this list pick and choose what you may want and request it, I also have a request post located here. Please read that post throughly and then post a comment. I will try my best to keep the MP3 Lists up-to-date, it's a pain in the butt. Especially when you have to re-ID tag everything and you have over a 1,000 songs to do that too.

And if you need help navigating the layout I'll help you out. On the upper left hand corner, where there lyrics are, the grey-ish words are links. Just hover your mouse over one and a tool tip will tell you where they will take you.

This community is FRIENDS ONLY. I kept forgetting to leave post unlocked.
COMMENT WITH WHAT YOU TAKE. If I notice weird shit going on like 2 comments and 56 downloads, I'll stop posting. I'd like to know my work is appreciated. I break my ass by sitting here and doing this stuff, I obviously don't do it for my health, I'm doing it because I am being nice. So be nice and let me know what you take, what you like, don't like, etc. FEEDBACK IS AWESOME!!!
If you like the song, please delete it after 72 hours and support the artist. Grab the CD at YesAsia, cdjapan, or TowerRecords. If you don't listen to me, oh well. With that being said...
If you get sued for having illegal downloaded music, catching a virus, your computer blows up while visiting this site, I am NOT responsible for any of it. You agree to this when you enter this journal and download.
You may request songs, but that doesn't mean I'll fill them right away. And you may recommend songs/artist as well.

**Rules will be changed and modified as I see fit.

If you want to become an affiliate/link exchange, please feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to exchange banners/links.

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Others are encouraged and welcomed to make banners for our site.

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